Supporting the Aged Responsibly Programme (STAR)


To enable the participants :

  • to know about the common mood disorders of the elderly;
  • to acquire effective communication skills so as to attend properly to the elderly;
  • to promote self-care and compassion among the elderly and carers.
Who Should Join

The elderly, carers of the elderly and interested parties

Forms of Activity
  • Talk & sharing
  • Mutual-support group
  • Training programme for peer supporters / workers
  1. Common mood disorders and warning signs of suicidal thoughts among the elderly
  2. Understanding and managing emotions of the elderly
  3. Communicating with the elderly
  4. Communicating with each other among the elderly
  5. The elderly taking care of themselves
  6. The carers taking care of themselves
  7. Workshop for carers on stress reduction
  8. Spending the aging years in happiness
  9. Bereavement
  10. Workshop on Responding to challenging situations : Risk of suicide among the
  11. What do we learn through fighting the virus?
  12. Workshop on Mindfulness exercises for stress reduction
  13. Combating loneliness
  14. Helping the elderly to combat loneliness
  15. Talking about ‘life and death’ with the elderly

*Please call us to discuss if you are interested in other topics

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