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Prevention matters!

The Samaritans is actively engaged in suicide prevention because even one death lost to suicide is too many – a suicide leaves devastating emotional effects on family and friends that may last for years.

Every small action counts!

By showing that you care and supporting our work, you can help make an impact and the impact can be greater than we could imagine.

In this modern world where numbers are so important and time seems always to slip away so fast, we may overlook the value and importance of staying connected, and of giving the gift of time to another person.

We give our callers time – however long they’d like to engage on the phone – because we know how important one phone call could be. It could mean uncritical support in an understanding manner, it could mean staying connected with another individual, it could mean much much more for someone who needs to talk and express difficult feelings.

You can be a Samaritan too! But how?

By donating to support our work.
Your gifts do not only support our 24/7 hotline service, your gifts can save lives.

HK$38 can help support one call answered by a Samaritan volunteer.
HK$462 can help us recruit and maintain the service of a volunteer for a year.
HK$2,080 can help keep our service running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By working as a Samaritan.

We need people with an empathic ear to give emotional support to other people facing difficult challenges and experiencing despair. We need people to lend a hand and a voice to educate community members and policymakers about suicide and the importance of suicide prevention.

By being an everyday Samaritan.

Listen attentively to others. Give people the gift of time. Give a complete stranger a kind word, a warm smile or a friendly tone of voice.